Christian Soldiers is one of the most dynamic martial arts programs in North America. Our goal is more than just teaching great karate. We believe that the spiritual and physical are connected, so our training seeks to develop both dimensions. What can you expect from Christian Soldiers Karate?


We offer training on an individual and family basis, and we have a family atmosphere at all of our belt tests and tournaments. It is important to us for the whole family to be involved. We offer true-to-life self-defense training using practical techniques. The Christian Soldiers program is closely related to the World Martial Arts Ranking Association which certifies our belt ranks.


We focus on conservative and Christ-centered bible teaching. Each belt rank has its own book by book bible study. We seek to build true confidence in the mind and heart by public speaking opportunities at major events. We encourage healthy physical fitness through all of our training. Everyone can move at their own pace.


If you are interested in joining Christian Soldiers, please contact us.